From a UK tax standpoint Individuals qualify for Seafarer’s Allowance against their income for tax purposes, if they are mariners and perform most of their employment duties onboard seagoing vessels, provided they meet the criteria for the allowance. This includes people working on vessels in the Oil and Gas industry and assisting in the surveys necessary for new windfarm projects, and the maintenance of established windfarms and cruise and cargo ships.

There are many rules to qualify for Seafarer’s Allowance, including the type of vessels and the number of days in a period of claim. Meridian Taxation Services can guide you through these and make sure you meet the criteria for this important relief.

There are also other important aspects of working in the overseas industry such working in Norway, Denmark or Baltic waters. We have a great deal of experience dealing with such matters including filing Norwegian tax returns and dealing with the implications of Danish Hydrocarbon tax.